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For the last 4 decades, We've served over 1000 happy customers, transforming and upgrading their SPACE into places they love.

We’re passionate about interior design. We eat, sleep and dream about it. We’re dedicated to design interiors that reflect our clients unique lifestyle and personality. We design with intention and purpose for our client’s full self-expression. The spaces we create blend both function and creativity. We use unique materials that converge together to create amazing Feng Shui. Our attention to detail from conception through to completion is awe-inspiring.

We help our clients with some of the biggest challenges that they face around interiors. We’re known for being great listeners and are committed to giving our clients exactly what they are looking for, while relieving stress in the process. We’re highly creative and intuitive in our approach to our work. We’re always looking for what’s missing that would make a difference and determining what will work best. Our goal is to ultimately impact the quality of lives of our customers.

Our collaborative approach with builders and architects make every project a true working partnership. Our team works together hand in hand to sustain the integrity of the project. We can you save time, energy, keep your project within your budget, from beginning to completion. We work directly with homeowners and with industry professions to achieve common goals.

To us, beauty is all based on perspective. No matter what challenges our clients come to us with, we see it as an opportunity for creative solutions and personal growth.

Every detail matters when it comes to interior design. We use our intuition to guide us to not only create a powerful flow in the environment, but also by balancing all of the elements within a space to reflect a mindset. The spaces we create are meaningful. We leave our customers feeling like everything has a home and is in the right space.


We’ve transformed kitchens into open spaced modern designs.  


We’ve converted traditional bathrooms into spa atmospheres. 


We’ve refreshed living rooms into space of pure luxury. And DESIGNED THE ULTIMATE MAN CAVE

Robin Nolen, Founder, Interior Designer

Robin is an instinctive problem solver, known for her keen attention to detail and commitment to strong client relationships. Her love for interior design started when she was very young. She learned design from her family, all of which are successful designers whose work has been shown in places such as Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living Magazine. Robin has a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a focus on Interior Design. She has an Ultimate Decorating and Redesign Certificate. Robin specializes in creating the ultimate garage man caves and is known for her eye for beauty reinventing bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor living spaces.



Our consultations create clarity. Call us today to discuss what your vision is and we will discuss with you how to make it happen.